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When seeking compassionate, comprehensive psychiatric care and therapy, South County Psychiatry is a premier choice in the Rhode Island region. With clinics in North Kingstown and Westerly, their experienced psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, therapists, and counselors treat a wide range of mental health conditions across the lifespan.

This complete guide to South County Psychiatry covers their specialties, treatment approach, safety protocols, insurance participation, payment options, office locations and hours, telehealth services, staff credentials, and tips for getting the most out of your treatment.

Introduction to South County Psychiatry

Founded in 2005 by Dr. Giovanni Santostasi, South County Psychiatry offers outpatient mental health services to children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Their multidisciplinary team includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, psychologists, social workers, mental health counselors, and psychiatric service support specialists.

South County Psychiatry provides counseling, medication management, evaluation services, and coordinated care with schools and healthcare providers. A caring, judgment-free environment helps each patient get to the root of their mental health challenges and chart a path forward.

Mental Health Conditions Commonly Treated

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South County Psychiatry has expertise in effectively treating the following conditions:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • OCD
  • PTSD
  • Panic Disorder
  • ADHD
  • Substance Use Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Childhood Behavioral Issues
  • Adjustment Disorders
  • Personality Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • And more…

Their compassionate providers partner with patients ranging from at-risk youth to older adults struggling with psychiatric illness. Customized treatment plans meet each patient’s unique needs.

Holistic, Integrative Treatment Approach

South County Psychiatry adheres to an integrative treatment philosophy incorporating:

  • Medication Management – Finding the optimal medications and doses to manage symptoms
  • Psychotherapy – Treating core issues through modalities like CBT, DBT, and Supportive Therapy
  • Complementary Wellness – Incorporating nutrition, physical fitness, mindfulness, community support
  • Integrated Care – Collaborating closely with schools, healthcare providers, families
  • Patient Education – Teaching about mental health conditions and skill-building
  • Neuropsychology – Evaluating brain function to guide treatment

This whole-person approach identifies both biological and psychosocial factors contributing to mental health disorders to treat root causes, not just symptoms.

In-Office Safety Precautions During the Pandemic

South County Psychiatry follows rigorous CDC-advised safety precautions to protect patients and staff:

  • Pre-Appointment Screening – Patients screened for COVID-19 risks/exposure before arriving
  • Masking – Masks required by all staff and patients
  • Social Distancing – Sessions spaced to avoid overlapping in the waiting room
  • Enhanced Disinfection – All hard surfaces and chairs sanitized between patients
  • Limited Capacity – Number of patients in office capped below maximum
  • Hand Hygiene – Hand sanitizer stations located throughout the office
  • Protective Barriers – Plexiglass dividers in open areas
  • High-Efficiency Filters – Medical-grade HVAC filtration systems
  • Emergency Protocols – Protocols in place if any COVID-19 exposure detected
  • Staff Prevention – Staff encouraged to get vaccinated and boosted

You can feel comfortable getting needed mental health care in person with these safety measures in effect. However, telepsychiatry remains an option if you prefer meeting remotely.

Insurance Carriers Accepted

As an in-network provider with most major insurers, South County Psychiatry accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of RI
  • United Healthcare
  • Cigna
  • Tufts Health Plan Commercial Products
  • Medicare
  • Neighborhood Health Plan of RI
  • Medicaid/Medicaid Managed Care Plans
  • Tricare/Champus
  • Aetna
  • Many other commercial plans

Self-pay options are also available if uninsured. Their billing department can check your specific insurance coverage and mental health benefits before your first visit.

Payment Options and Financial Assistance

South County Psychiatry offers several payment and financing options including:

  • Health Savings Account (HSA)
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards
  • Cash-pay Package Deals
  • Payment Plans for Self-Pay Patients
  • Sliding Fee Scale Assistance Based on Income

No one is turned away based on inability to pay. Financial assistance programs and scholarships are available to qualifying individuals.

Office Locations and Hours

South County Psychiatry operates two office locations:

1) Westerly Office:

Address: 226 Old Tower Hill Rd, Wakefield, RI 02879

Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 am-8 pm, Friday 8 am-5 pm.

2) North Kingstown Office:

Address:1130 Ten Rod Rd Suite 6207, North Kingstown, RI 02852

Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8 am-5 pm

Both locations offer daytime and evening appointment slots to accommodate different schedules. Call 401-552-0600 to schedule.

Telepsychiatry Services

While in-office visits follow strict safety protocols, South County Psychiatry also offers telepsychiatry and teletherapy options via secure HIPAA-compliant video platforms. This allows remote treatment from the safety of the home.

Telepsychiatry services are provided by licensed psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners. Teletherapy is conducted by licensed social workers, therapists, and mental health counselors.

Most major insurance plans now cover telepsychiatry and teletherapy services. Self-pay fees are also available for remote appointments.

Staff Credentials and Experience

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South County Psychiatry assembles highly experienced medical and mental health professionals:

  • Board-certified psychiatrists – Experts in prescribing and managing psychiatric medications
  • Licensed Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners – Can prescribe/manage medications under a doctor’s supervision
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologists- Diagnoses psychological disorders and provides therapy
  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers – Provides therapy and mental health counseling
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselors – Provide therapy and counseling
  • Neuropsychologists – Assesses cognitive function to guide treatment

Visit their “Meet the Team” page on to view all staff bios, credentials, backgrounds, and photos. Know you’re getting top-notch psychiatric care.

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Treatment

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To have the most effective treatment experience at South County Psychiatry:

  • Arrive promptly for appointments or notify us if you’ll be late
  • Provide complete personal and family background to your provider
  • Fully describe your symptoms and challenges
  • Ask any questions – no question is insignificant
  • Participate actively in therapy sessions
  • Take medications consistently as prescribed
  • Adopt doctor recommendations on sleep, diet, exercise
  • Set small achievable goals each week
  • Alert your provider about medication side effects
  • Maintain open communication with your treatment team
  • Believe in your ability to make progress and feel better

With expertise across multiple mental health specialty areas and an emphasis on thorough, personalized care, South County Psychiatry has the passionate professionals and therapeutic resources to help you thrive.

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